Defence & Security Circle London
Defence & Security Circle London

Defence & Security Circle London

Drinks at the National Liberal Club - from 5:30pm on Tuesday 28 June … cash bar with visitors from the Land Warfare Conference and the BBC Monitoring Service.

/Free - come for an hour or a few … rsvp to

Dress Code: Uniform or Lounge Suit


/Upcoming Events:

More events coming soon …. “ having conversations about the national interest in the national interest”


Jubilee Dinner/Concert: Futureproofing NHS, Pandemic, Putin

Wednesday 1 June 6:00pm arrival, 6:30pm speaker and dinner, 8;00pm concert, carriages 9:30pm.

/£55 per person - two course meal, coffee/tea with chocolates, complimentary drink, concert


/Most recent Event:

The Future of Conflict

/A one day conference on Monday 9 May to be held at the National Liberal Club - in conjunction with PS21 and the Wavell Room. Go to Eventbrite for tickets (free to £15+). Drinks event afterwards and an opportunity to meet both the “experts” and other members of the Defence & Security Circle



Legacy Project - Funded by NATO Public Diplomacy Division: Focus on Fake

The Defence and Security Circle (DSC) of the National Liberal Club is based at the Club premises located at Whitehall Place London SW1A 2HE. Due to a decision to grant the DSC in November 2021 funding provided by the Public Diplomacy Division of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), we are able to conduct a number of free access events online and in person starting 1 December 2021 under the series title "Focus on Fake".

These online, in person and hybrid sessions (from 15 to 75 minutes duration) deal with the complex and compelling challenges created by disinformation, fake news and hostile state actors. Youth, politicians, media practitioners (from bloggers to vloggers, influencers to mainstream journalists) are all facing pressure from toxic news, overseas troll farms and oppressive narratives that divide communities or cause distress, harm or fear.

In addition to three in person events in London (Wednesday 1 December) , Edinburgh (Monday 6 December) and Manchester (Monday 13 December), we will be showcasing at least eight podcasts and at least four videocasts of 15 to 30 minutes duration. All background and links will be available on this site.

Our program will be delivered between Wednesday 1 and Wednesday 15 December. Content will be held on this site as a legacy of our collaborative venture with NATO. Other content from previous activity and future outreach into 2022 will be added on a progressive basis. Keep coming back to us.


/Our latest podcast from global expert Elisabeth Braw

/For an overview of our 1-15 December Program


For more information, please contact


A summary PDF format document of our program in December 2021

Focus on Fake - Event Details and Live Registration Link 258.8KB

Podcast Below: Samantha North (the digital emigre) on tribal instincts and echo chambers.

A conversation with Professor Minhaaj Rehman on AI, data science and fake news.

Lynne O'Donnell, war reporter and author in conversation with Thomas Clowes-Pritchard from the Pinsker Centre (UK) on all things fake news: "Beyond Cancel Culture and Peak Woke". Recorded 1 December 2021 at the launch of our Focus on Fake program - at the National Liberal Club Whitehall Place London SW1A 2HE

/Georgia Gilholy on China, disinformation and free speech.

/Bernard Salt in conversation: demographer and society critic

/Safeera Ahmed - Digital Ambassador at the University of Edinburgh - on fake news, being a digital native and the emerging platforms shaping our conversations

/Roger Mullin (former SNP MP) looking at the trade offs between privacy and security

/Cate Pye - cyber and digital expert opening our launch event on 1 December 2021.

/Professor Stephen Gethins of St Andrews University on Scotland's frontline status with fake news

/Pamela Williamson - Author and Narrative Strategist on Deep Fake and Propaganda

/Saeed Atcha MBE DL - youth, communities on the frontline in the war against fake news.

/From the shadows ... youth speak on fake news and disinformation.

/Dr Michael Ayling - veteran, medical specialist and thinking social media contributor

/Professor Mubin Shaikh on the information revolution and the road to bad narratives

/Anooshe Mushtaq - Business Executive and Counter Violent Extremism advocate

Anooshe Mushtaq - Misinformation Impact - 11-12-21.pdf1418.4KB

/More from the Shadows ... students speaking out

/some final segments from our “From the Shadows” youth voice to camera work

/The trap of “Us and Them”

/something of interest from the BBC

/More than 300 minutes of podcasts and video content funded by NATO Public Diplomacy Division and brought to you by the National Liberal Club’s Defence & Security Circle. Contributors from Australia (such as business consultant Anosshe Mushtaq and demographer Bernard Salt), Canada (Professor Mubin Shaikh), New Zealand (narrative strategist Pamela Williamson), the US (policy thinker Elisabeth Braw) in support of UK based voices such as the students from London’s Brampton Manor Academy London, Saeed Atch MBE DL (CEO of Youth Leads Manchester) and others.

/Amsterdam Academic Stijn Sieckelinck: some positive, courageous and optimistic conclusions about the task ahead to defeat fake news and disinformation.


A very warm and genuine thank you to the more than 600 participants, in person and online, for our project. It was a pleasure hosting the symposium at the National Liberal Club London and conducting sessions in Manchester and Edinburgh. Some photos below. Democracy, pluralism and freedom more than ever are worth defending.